Thursday, January 14, 2010

Does bleach alter a hair follicle test?

I need to take a hair follicle test, i'm wondering if my bleached hair will make the test negative? Or do the shampoos u can use really work.Does bleach alter a hair follicle test?
yes, it voids the test.Does bleach alter a hair follicle test?
no,there is no altering a hair follicle test.the only way to test negative is be negative and who ever tells you different is either full of it,or trying to sell you something!P.S. if you do something to void the test they will know that's what you wanted to do and shaving off your hair won't do because they are testing the follicle not the strand.if you can't get clean long enough to test,than you need to consider re-hab to help you with the process of getting clean
I don't think so if it did more people would try that. Shaving all your hair off usually works. Good luck
Lay off the drugs,that will help!

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